Custom Clothing Manufacturer for Startup Fashion Labels

Fashion Studio Urban Purple and ScriptoGraphics put together provide end to end service in the supply chain of apparel industry. We provide end to end solution services to apparel brands from concept to customer. Our services are in sync with each aspects that an apparel brand needs to build their business be it physical stores or ecommerce presence and gradually move forward with growth and brand development. Fashion studio Urban Purple along with ScriptoGraphics enables new and startup apparel brands build their business from scratch.

What Makes us a Unique Custom Clothing Manufacturer

Unlike other manufacturers, we don't have a fixed minimum order quantity. Instead, we carefully examine each clothing tech pack and assess the MOQ of the fabric and trims required for the style. This allows us to propose a minimum order quantity that is tailored to the specific needs of each brand, providing them with the flexibility they need to get started.

Our main focus is on helping fashion startup labels grow and succeed, and we believe that providing a lower minimum order quantity is an important part of achieving this goal. By working closely with our clients and providing them with accurate costing based on detailed measurement spec sheets, we can help them bring their vision to life and create high-quality custom clothing that meets their exact specifications.


So if you're looking for a custom clothing manufacturer that understands the needs of startups and is committed to helping you succeed, look no further than Urban Purple's Apparel Production Unit. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you bring your fashion brand to life!

If you're looking to execute an effective and cost-efficient apparel production, there are a few key questions that you'll need to have answers to before you get started. Here are some of the things you should be thinking about:

  • First and foremost, what styles do you want to produce? Having a clear idea of the types of clothing you want to create is essential to ensure that the production process goes smoothly.
  • Do you have tech packs and measurement spec sheets ready? These documents provide important details about the design and construction of your clothing and are essential for a successful production run.
  • What is your target cost? Knowing your budget is crucial when it comes to sourcing materials, selecting a manufacturer, and pricing your finished products.
  • How many pieces do you want to produce? Having a clear idea of your desired production quantities will help you plan your production schedule and ensure that you have enough materials on hand.
  • Do you need labels and hang tags with your brand name on them? This is an important consideration for establishing your brand identity and making your clothing stand out in a crowded market.
  • Do you have a target date for sample delivery? Samples are an important part of the production process, and having a clear timeline for their delivery can help ensure that your production run stays on track.

By having clear answers to these questions, you can help ensure that your apparel production runs smoothly, efficiently, and within budget. So if you're ready to bring your fashion vision to life, get in touch with Urban Purple's Apparel Production Unit today and let us help you make it happen!

How We Extend Our Support

At Urban Purple's Apparel Production Unit, we understand that creating custom clothing can be a complex and time-consuming process. That's why we've developed a streamlined and cost-effective sampling and production process that makes it easy to bring your fashion vision to life.

Our process is designed to be simple and organized, with a clear flow that you can see from the image provided. Once you have clarity on the key points we've outlined, our team of clothing designers and fit technicians will work closely with you to bring your vision to life.

Our focus is on understanding your unique style and preferences, and then creating high-quality custom clothing that reflects your vision in the most realistic and cost-effective way possible. To do this, we've broken down our apparel production process into 10 simple steps, which include everything from initial design and pattern making to sample production, bulk production, and final quality control.

By working closely with our team and following our proven process, you can be confident that your custom clothing will be produced to the highest standards of quality, and at a cost that fits your budget. So if you're ready to bring your fashion vision to life, get in touch with Urban Purple's Apparel Production Unit today and let us help you make it happen!

At Urban Purple's Apparel Production Unit, we take a comprehensive approach to apparel production that includes 10 key steps to ensure that your custom clothing is created to the highest standards of quality and affordability.

Our process begins with a focus on understanding your vision and creating a commercially viable style based on your sketches. We then move on to create a technical flat sketch illustration of the garment for your approval, followed by the design of technical measurements and specifications.

From there, we create a base pattern and develop a mock sample using closely available fabric. We then conduct a fitting session with gap analysis to ensure that the garment fits perfectly and meets your expectations.

Throughout the process, we review the tech pack and pattern adjustment with you, incorporating your feedback to create a final sample that meets all of your specifications. We then prepare the costing and bills of material for production and MOQ, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of the costs involved.

Finally, we ship your sample to you for your review and approval, ensuring that you're completely satisfied with the end result. By following these 10 steps, we're able to create high-quality custom clothing that meets your exact specifications, all while staying within your budget. So if you're ready to bring your fashion vision to life, get in touch with Urban Purple's Apparel Production Unit today and let us help you make it happen!

Our Capabilities as Clothing Manufacturer

We Are One Of The Recognized Clothing Manufacturer And Garment Exporter And Fully Equipped Clothing Manufacturing Unit Capable Of Producing Apparel With 100% Quality. Our Apparel production unit is capable of producing all kind of outerwear garments in woven, knitted and denim category. Govt of India registered and 100% exported oriented garment manufacturing unit. Export oriented garment manufacturing unit capable of producing small, medium and large quantity of apparel. We have in house fashion studio, garment unit meant to help our clients get their apparel designed, prepare the sample and produce it right at one place. Our MOQ starts with 100pcs/style/color. You can also send us your styles tech pack to us and details will be provided back within 24hours.

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