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In the world of fashion, the intricate process of bulk apparel production hinges on the precision of fashion tech packs. These invaluable blueprints wield immense power, exerting influence over both sampling and bulk production. Any misstep in their creation can disrupt the entire rhythm of your fashion journey. Enter the realm of expertise embodied by our accomplished Tech Pack Designers. Dedicated to excellence, they craft detailed tech packs capturing every minute aspect. Artistry shines in translating fashion sketches into precise technical drawings with seamless precision.

With expertise as a tech pack designer, our team seamlessly merges fashion and function, turning concepts into reality. Our process aids smooth manufacturer transition, simplifying sampling and production complexities. Partnering with our technical designer creates an efficient, precise, and uniquely stylish symphony. Elevate your fashion aspirations with tech packs sculpted by the hands of masters. Elevate your journey with us, infusing spirit into each stitch. Enter a realm where dreams materialize, guided by expert consultation.

Tech Pack Designer for Custom Clothing Apparel Brands

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Tech Pack Design Requirement

Clear communication is vital for brands to achieve the ideal fit solution. Urban Purple promotes interactive communication between clients and tech pack designers. So, during the preparation of tech pack we make sure we are in touch with the client almost in every step. We encourage clients to provide sketches or images for optimal design specifications. Our experienced technical designers have worked with diverse clients, gaining valuable expertise. They are well equiped to transform creative vision into tech packs with precision. Clear communication of design ideas enables efficient processing and greater productivity.

You can expect that most clothing manufacturers prioritize well constructed tech pack. This will increase their understanding of the style and help in efficient production. Achieve manufacturing efficiency, bring your vision to life. Primarily you can control the costs with an apparel tech pack. Also this will give a bird eye view of your collection with a realistic vision with clear projection. In short, you will have a clear idea and road ahead to production process. We expect you to communicate your vision through a sketch or a reference image. We can start the process from here on.

Why You Need a Tech Pack

An apparel tech pack plays a critical role as a tool that significantly reduces the time and effort needed for garment production. It serves as a comprehensive document that provides essential information aligned with your specific style requirements, expediting the entire manufacturing process. By investing in a fashion tech pack, you can save valuable time and money.

Experienced fashion tech pack designers expertly integrate systematic construction detailing into your style idea. This ensures that all necessary specifications and instructions are included, promoting clear communication with the manufacturer. A well-constructed tech pack minimizes errors and misunderstandings during production, saving time and preventing costly mistakes.

Collaborating with an experienced fashion tech pack designer offers numerous benefits. They possess expertise in creating a customized tech pack that aligns with your specific style. Their understanding of garment production enables them to include all necessary details, optimizing the manufacturing process and resulting in time and cost savings for you.

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How You Can Get Started

To get started with our tech pack services, all you need to do is provide us with your vision. You can do it with your sketches or reference images that matches with your vision. Our tech pack designers take your idea and convert them to fashion flat sketches. We do number of itarations till we are on the same page with your inspiration. We proceed with tech pack design process once we get your approval and confirmation.

We believe in two way communication process. So, we recommend clients to invlove with us during tech pack design process. This helps our client understand what it takes to create a tech pack from scratch. Also, it helps understand our clients vision and overcome hurdels. Our technical designers team up with you and offer you optimal for your collection. You can connect with us with WhatsApp and talk to us anytime at your conveneance. So, wait no more and connect with us now.

Choose our tech pack services for assured success in your apparel production journey. We support startups, bringing creative visions to life with our design expertise. We are excited about the prospect of working with you and contributing to your success. Take the first step towards satisfaction. Click the contact button below, share your thoughts, and experience a service that exceeds expectations. Your delight is just a note away!

Components of a Tech Pack

Tech Pack Components

  • Rendered Illustration - Flat Sketch ( Front View - Back View )
  • Color Combo - Various Color Options of the Garments ( As per Client Need)
  • Stitching & Construction Detailing ( Both Front and Back )
  • Graphic / Print Detailing Including Pantone Color ( Style Dependent)
  • Embroidery / Appliqué / Other Embellishment Detailing
  • Washing Detailing ( Wash Care and Other Washing - Ironing and Care Instructions)
  • Trims & Packaging Detailing( As per Client Requirement)
  • Branding Details
  • Graphical Measurement Details with Spec-Sheet Pointers
  • Measurement Spec Sheet and Size Gradation ( Size Gradation as per Client Requirement)

Tech Pack Design Process

As a professional fashion studio, we believe in the process and try to stick to it religiously. This helps our clients achieve the desired result by a smooth production run. To make this process efficient all tech pack designer follow the below process.

  • The collection design process begins upon receipt of the agreed advance payment.
  • We request our clients to provide us the style idea through sketches or reference images. This helps our client to communicate their vision to our tech pack designers in simple and easy way.
  • We prepare the technical flat drawing and submit to the client based on clients input.
  • Once the flat sketch is submitted client provides us with their comments. This process continues till both the tech pack designer and client are on the same page.
  • We expect the client to provide us with necessary color / fabric they want to use and other details. Those details are useful when we prepare the tech pack.
  • Please make any needed changes during flat sketch confirmation. Changes are challenging once the tech pack process begins, requiring a restart.
  • We inform the client once the tech packs are complete and submit the tech packs once the final payment is done.
  • • We provide any support necessary related to tech packs we have designed free of cost up to 1 year.

Revolutionize your apparel production journey with our unparalleled fashion tech pack services. At Urban Purple, our team ensures seamless tech pack designs and efficient patterns. Our tech pack designers dedicate their efforts to ensure precise tech packs. This paves the way for a streamlined production with minimal hiccups. We have our tech pack templates store for clients who want tech packs ready within no time. You can choose your tech packs from a large archive of tech packs and purchase from there. But, if you have custom styles, our tech pack designers are there to help. Choose excellence; choose Urban Purple for a fashion-forward future.

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