Friquently Asked Questions

What do you need from us to get the process started?

Clients input is vital. Clothing designer can proceed further once he can visualize what the clients need. We can be certain about the style ideas only when given in a proper format. So to make the clothing designer understand you need to convey your idea in a structured format. To do so please refer the steps you should follow to convey your ideas to a technical clothing designer.

What format do you provide that your final tech pack?

We send tech packs through email and in PDF, CorelDraw and jpeg format. With this, you also get the measurement spec sheet in Excel Spreadsheet. To know more about our services on tech pack design and manufacturing visit our website.

Do you do graphics? What type of file is the pattern/graphics in that you produce?

We are a complete fashion studio and provide every service that is required to start an apparel line. In that, t-shirt graphics is also included. We have specialized apparel graphic designers to design graphics. We work on CorelDraw so most of the graphic vectors you will get on CorelDraw format. That is CDR format. We also give pdf and jpeg for those who want to view it on their system where CorelDraw is not installed.

Do you develop patterns? Do you do grading? What type of file is the pattern in that you produce?

We have our In-House Pattern Designers can provide Patterns both Manually and also on CAD we can give you the Pattern Flat File and Grading on DST format or Flat File Format which you can give any plotter to print the garment patterns.

If you grade, what is the cost to grade a garment in the size various sizes?

The Pattern Grading starts once sample development is complete and sample is approved. Secondly, Pattern Grading is a preproduction operation. So when you are placing order to apparel producer pattern grading is done free of cost. However, if you are only looking for pattern grading then it is chargeable per size. The Cost is calculated as per style and is variable.

What brands are you working for?

Our tech pack design studio has been in existence since 2008. Since then we have worked for numerous fashion startup brands. Apart from this we have also worked for bigger brands like American Eagle Outfitters, ECKO Unltd, Ann Tailor, Victoria Secrets, Adidas, TIBHAR and the list goes long. This can give you an indication of the quality level if you are familiar with the reference brands. Visit our clients and partners page to know more about our association with apparel brands.

What are the minimum quantities?

The minimum Order quantity depends on the style and the raw materials used in that style. By Raw materials I mean fabric, trims etc. However, to give you a general idea if the fabric is common and cotton based with regular running colors our MOQ starts from 200 PCS/ Style / Color. And if you have custom fabric with prints and other embellishments, the MOQ depends on Fabric and other Embellishment MOQ. We can make lower quantities of your custom style garments. In that case, we will be using similar quality fabric and raw materials that are available in the market.

What all are the services you provide?

We are a full service clothing manufacturer with in-house design and pattern studio, print and embroidery unit along with our stitching unit. Only thing that we do outside is dying and washing. Other than that we have everything done in-house. We have our dedicated fabric and trim sourcing team with very good network in the industry circle.

What type of experience do you have with fabrics?

We have worked with Knitted Garments, Woven Garments, and Denim, Polyester Activewear Apparel. So we have experience on the fabric its quality of all the above fabrics. We also deal in Bamboo Cotton, Pima Cotton, Linen, Club Jersey, Viscose, and Fleece. We fabric processing moisture waking, Silver treatment, various kind of washes etc.

What fabrics do you specialize in?

We have trusted source for Knitted Fabrics, Woven Fabrics Plain, Denim, and Chiffon and Georgette and Linen fabrics (Plain and any color). For any special or customized prints or checks or strives the fabric we need to give a bulk order.

How long does it take to develop a sample?

Sample development goes through same process as garment manufacturing. For developing sample same as production required raw materials (fabrics, trims) must be developed. Usually development process takes around 20 to 35 days. However, if you are flexible on fabrics and trims and want to see fits and look of the garment it would take about 2 weeks.

How much do they charge for samples?

Sample development is free for all our existing customers who have been working with us for quite long time and have been with us in ups and downs. For new customers however, we do charge for sample development and we calculate the cost based on the detailing that we receive in the tech pack. If the customer is doing production with us, we deduct the sample development charge from the production cost. So technically, the sample development charge is free of cost.

Do you have terms and conditions you can see?

You can check out our general terms and conditions in the page of this website. I am giving the link here. If you have any specific terms it is subject to negotiation. You can send us your terms and condition document and if we agree to that we can proceed further.

Do they have any certifications?

We are a certified exporter from Govt. of India. Apart from this we have quality certification from various agencies. We do quality inspection from certified QA organizations and get the clearance certificate if it is required by the client. Our associate QC partners are SGS and Intertek.

What fabric testing do you do?

We do all kind of testing like GSM Check, Acid Check, and Azo checking. This depends on the buyer need.

Can you give cost of production before We start?

We do not believe in giving any vague price for any product based on a photograph or a sketch. We give our price quote once we receive the tech pack from the client and prepare an accurate price estimation after preparing the prototype. Production pricing is always given and committed to client after we prepare the first prototype. Based on the materials used, stitching and other operation cost estimation we arrive at an accurate price quote. This also depends on the Minimum Order quantity the buyer is willing to order.

How quickly can you help you with prototypes and when can they fit in your bulk production?

Normally, a complete production lifecycle takes around 55 to 65 days. This includes pattern design, sampling, sample approval and bulk production. Given an adverse situation it may go 10 days here and there. If we are provided with complete and accurate tech pack with no midway changes in style the production timeline should be exactly as we have mentioned and promise to the client.

What is your intent to take on start-up clients?

We support startup apparel brands with integrated clothing design and manufacturing support. Apparel brands with the limited investment when they start. But there are some limitations due to other factors like fabrics and trims MOQ. Our Intention is to support them grow big and keep doing business. If a new business comes to us it is always with a win - win intention and approach. Those clients are most welcome.

Are you an agent or a manufacturer direct?

We are a Registered and 100% Export Oriented Clothing Manufacturer.

Where are your factories located?

We are Bangalore based Garment Manufacturing Company. This is the hub for silk and knitted fabrics. We source the fabrics from different parts of India.

What is your Production Capacity in terms of Quantity Production?

As we have mentioned in the website we are a company that helps brands grow from small to large. So, keeping that in mind, we have our production capacity designed. We have a small workshop where we easily produce up to 500 Pcs / Day. And for Bigger production orders we have a network of big and very big factories who can produce any big quantity. So, if you have all the intentions to make larger production, we are ready to help you with that.

How does your Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ )Works?

Every Fabric and Trims have their minimum order quantity. The MOQ would depend on your design and style requirement. You may give us the tech packs and once the tech packs are evaluated we can let you know the MOQ. Anything below 100 units generally have a considered as sample development and the cost is calculated accordingly.

Can you make our products?

We would like to check your style details and tech packs before we give any commitment to our clients. Not all garment production units produce all products. There are specific factories to produce specific garments. For Example a woven or knitwear factory cannot produce denim jeans. So, it is important to know your style details before we give any commitment.

Are you able to be in email contact at least every two - three days to give status reports?

We are available on WhatsApp 24/7 and if the buyer wants to meet can meet us any time. Clients need to inform us prior to the meeting through WhatsApp Message or email if they want to meet us in person.

Can we visit your website to get an idea of your current or past work history?

You are most welcome to visit our websites and take a look at our current work history and earlier and current client’s testimonials. We would be more than happy if you go through our website and similarly once we have your production done we would love to have your opinion placed in our website.

Would you please give references we can contact who can verify your work history and quality?

Please go through the blog and contact any of the clients that we have worked with and take the feedback on our work procedure and support that we did provided.

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